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Engineered Oak

Engineered Wood

Customers often ask ‘What is engineered wood?’. In essence its lots of small pieces of wood laminate together to make a whole board or profile. There are two major advantages of engineered wood over solid timber:1. It makes a very stable piece of wood that generally will not warp and twist. The outer layer will be quality veneer or thin strip and will appear just as a solid piece of wood. It is often used in stair components.2. It is more environmentally friendly. For example in slow gro...

A piece of history


It was my please to manufacture and fit this Oak door and frame at a Carthusian Priory

What not to do in your loft

I get quite a few enquiries about boarding out or converting lofts in modern houses with trussed roof construction. Here's a good example backing up the advice I always give: Extreme caution and a structural engineer required.https://www.labc.co.uk/news/how-get-it-right-roof-truss-alterations-check-first?utm_source=BenchmarkEmail&utm_campaign=Building_Bulletin_29_November_2016&utm_medium=email